When the idea of The Warehouse Collective began….

When the idea of The Warehouse Collective began….

The Warehouse Collective was born on a cold winter day in Nashville. Allison had about 25 women in her dirty basement fighting over formal gowns and stripping down in a makeshift tarp dressing room. She was in a full winter coat and half of them were naked.

This sounds dramatic, but we are not kidding.

Allison sold her retail franchise about 3 months prior and with an upcoming move was forced to deal with the excess inventory that had piled up in her basement over the past 6 years. With a simple marketing plan she advertised the sale and had non-stop shoppers to clear out the last of the gowns.

She was completely shocked at the success. The first call that she made was to her friend and fellow franchisee, Kathleen Hoefflin. Having been in the trenches of store ownership, Kathleen was literally the only person who could understand how monumental this was.

In hearing the amount Allison sold that day, Kathleen pulled up an old Quickbooks accounting file and confirmed that in 6 years of business she had not reached that number in retired inventory sales!

In the past, both of them viewed running sample sales as pain points. As busy store owners, they took a lot up a lot of valuable time, resources and real estate. There were always more pressing items on the to-do list!

But as consumers, they LOVED them. The experience of the hunt, the community of shoppers and the deal that you would have bragging rights to. You simply can’t beat it!

Right then a lightbulb went off. What if they could help other retailers and wholesalers who were in the same situation?

Every retail business has an inventory problem (whether big or small), and there are so many consumers who would love their hands on the product. It takes valuable time to connect the two.

Enter The Warehouse Collective.

The Warehouse Collective is a service based company created to provide a seamless and innovative solution for retailers and wholesalers by creating a new revenue stream for surplus product in an upscale warehouse sale environment.

We are excited to launch our “Collective” sales in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Our Collectives will be the ultimate experience (fresh, fun and full of deals) for our customers while maintaining ease for our suppliers.

We look forward to working with you!