About Us


The Warehouse Collective’s founders, Allison Taylor and Kathleen Hoefflin, have a vision to disrupt the off-price retail market by offering retail companies a sustainable solution that acts as an extension of their upscale brands.

As former retail store owners, Taylor and Hoefflin know first-hand that most wholesalers and retailers end up with overstock and need to get creative without compromising the integrity of their brand. A major business challenge they faced was having a sustainable, profitable and time sensitive avenue for offloading their own overstock inventory.

Taylor and Hoefflin’s unique approach of pairing complimentary women’s brands together has also served as a discovery platform for emerging luxury brands from all over the world. 

The Warehouse Collective offers a variety of liquidation services to apparel brands and offers customers new inventory at liquidation prices.  Shop with us online or at a pop-up event!