About Us

We are our customers and the clients we serve. 

We LOVE a deal. Especially when it comes to luxury fashion. However, we also have extreme empathy towards the retail industry and the challenges that it faces when it comes to making inventory and sustainability decisions to remain profitable.  

The Warehouse Collective’s founders, Allison Taylor and Kathleen Hoefflin, have a vision to disrupt the off-price retail market by offering retail companies a sustainable solution that acts as an extension of their upscale brands. As former retail store owners, Taylor and Hoefflin know first-hand that most wholesalers and retailers end up with overstock and need to get creative without compromising the integrity of their brand. A major business challenge they faced was having a sustainable, profitable and time sensitive avenue for offloading their own overstock inventory. They founded their company in June of 2019 and have plans to expand their pop-up events to 3 new cities in 2020.

Taylor and Hoefflin’s unique approach of pairing complimentary women’s brands together has also served as a discovery platform for emerging luxury brands from all over the world. They host inventory from top New York and LA-based designers, but also have product from brands in the UK, Australia and even a sustainable line from Uruguay.

After merchandise is presented in Pop-Up format exclusive product will be offered online to customers to shop from across the globe.